The kups market has another 17 fiber-optic connections installed

The kups market has another 17 fiber-optic connections installed

In kupser kernort, previously underserved areas in the viehgasse and in parts of frankenstrabe are now being supplied with fiber optics. On thursday, the broadband expansion contract was signed with the company thuga smartservice gmbh from naila.

In october 2019, the market town council awarded the contract for the technical broadband expansion of a total of 17 fiber optic connections in the "frankenstrabe/viehgasse" area to the company thuga smartservice from naila gives. The cost is about 190 000 euros, the state tax is 90 percent.

For the high demand the kupser mayor bernd rebhan showed himself very grateful at the signing of the contract with smartservice managing director peter hornfischer. The required expansion is only possible in areas that do not reach the specified 30 mbit/sec, because only at this speed is an area considered to be served in the sense of the government's broadband directive.

"In contrast to large parts of the core of the town of kups, the residents of viehgasse and a section of frankenstrabe will not have access to the former television cable network", regretted rebhan. This area is very badly supplied with a current transmission speed of partly only about 8000 kbit/sec to 10 000 kbit/sec. He is all the more pleased to be able to fulfill an urgent wish of the residents with the expansion.

In this context, he praised the very good cooperation with the regional provider, which had once again submitted a financially feasible offer. The value creation remains in the region.

With the broadband expansion for the previously underserved areas in the core of kups, the market in kups is now benefiting from the so-called "farm bonus" for the second time. This will enable households to be connected to the data highway that did not benefit from the previous expansion and are still considered underserved. For this purpose, a fiber-optic line is laid in the house of the respective property owner. Recently, through this farm bonus, the undeveloped areas in oberlangenstadt, theisenort, rodern and some individual farms in the municipal area were also connected to the data railroad by thuga smartservice. The current expansion in the viehgasse and in parts of the frankenstrabe will take place in the next 30 months.

According to project manager Marcus Witzel, the new route is about two kilometers long. FTTH (fiber to the home) technology is being deployed.


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