Therapy is being tailored

Therapy is being tailored

Women cannot protect themselves from breast cancer, but diagnosis, treatment and cure have significantly improved the chances of survival and recovery in recent years. The kulmbach clinic is offering a free information evening on wednesday in the cafeteria.
Benno lex, head of the women's clinic, and other experts want to take away the fear of the disease from patients and their families and give lectures on early detection, surgical therapy and radiation therapy as well as psycho oncology. Start is at 6 p.M., end around 9 p.M.

BR: why does the women's clinic invite you to this information evening??
Benno lex: with the change of chief physician and the renewal of the medical team, the focus on the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer has intensified. The treatment of breast cancer is an interdisciplinary challenge, which means that in addition to the gynecologist, many other specialist groups should be involved in the treatment. These cooperations were redesigned or, in the case of psychooncology, completely reinstalled.
Who is the event aimed at?
Especially to patients, relatives and all who are interested in the most common cancer in women and the modern treatment options.

Are more women suffering from breast cancer today than in the past, or is the disease simply being detected earlier and more accurately??
The diagnosis is currently being made more frequently around the world. Whether this is due to an increase in illnesses or a mixed effect of early detection is not yet clear. However, small forms of breast cancer and precancerous lesions are being detected more frequently as part of the systematically organized early detection programs. According to american and scandinavian data, the importance of early detection for curing breast cancer is immense, and we expect a significantly lower risk of recurrence as a result.

Who can and should participate in mammography screening?
All healthy women between the age of 50. And 69. Year of life. To run a maximally effective screening program, a 70 percent participation rate is required. This number has not yet been reached.


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