Two women drove the hairdryer defense

The 22 active members of the fire department haarth will in the future be led by a female dual leadership. This was probably allowed to be a novelty among county fire departments. In the highest-lying district of untersiemau, emancipation has been around for many years and women firefighters strengthen the team and are in no way inferior to the male firefighters.

At a service meeting of the active members, julia kuhn-hartmann was elected commander and jennifer finzel, in absentia, was elected deputy commander.

The previous commander matthias gotz, who has been active for 35 years in the defense and has led it for 25 years as commander, was especially honored.

Furthermore, the many merits of andreas schulz, who is also active for 35 years in the fire brigade and 18 years of which was active in the leadership as second commander, were particularly appreciated. Andreas schulz, who served on the firefighters’ association board for nine years, including six years as second chairman and three years as treasurer, also received a commendation for his service.

Commissary leadership

Fire department association chairman jens duda and andreas martin, who was appointed commander in the recent past and currently still heads the active fire department on a provisional basis, highlighted the special services of the two honorees and presented gifts to them on behalf of the active members of the haarth fire department.

A surprise

The retired officials were completely surprised and pleased to be thanked in such a nice way.


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