“We are a great bunch”

Looking forward to the work of the coming six years, the new stegaurach town council began its term of office until 2026 this week with its constituent meeting. Six new councillors were sworn in. The posts of the second and third mayor remained in the preserved hands of bernd fricke and werner wabmann.

First mayor thilo wagner praised the fact that the entire municipal council was present at the first meeting. "I think we are a very good group and I am looking forward to the next six years, was his outlook. Afterwards all councillors had the opportunity to introduce themselves briefly. New on board are verena scheer, frank montag (both -FL), christine weigmann-popp (grune-burgerstimme), uwe metzner (SPD), thomas hack and gert lechner (both CSU). They took the oath right at the beginning of the meeting.

Afterwards, wagner introduced the employees of the municipal administration "a very good team, powerful and innovative", before the deputy honorary mayors were elected.

For the election of the second mayor, gert lechner (CSU) stood in addition to the previous incumbent bernd fricke (grune-burgerstimme). Lechner, who had run for mayor in the municipal election, was eager to take up that post on behalf of the citizens. With 14:7 votes, however, fricke prevailed. In his short speech on the election recommendation, he looked back on a "great, exciting time" over the past six years. Projects such as the forest kindergarten, the new cemetery with its second construction phase, and the renovation of bottinger’s country house will shape stegaurach for the next 50 years, says fricke.

Two candidates from -FL

For the post of the third mayor or mayoress. Burgermeisterin applied previous amtstrager werner wabmann and margot scheer (both -FL). Wabmann was keen to work again, as there was still a lot to be done in the community, including his main focus on traffic. Scheer threw her hat in particular as a "woman in politics" in the ring. A modern community like stegaurach is well-suited to a female burgermeister. In addition, she recommended herself as a team player in the mayor’s circle. In the end, wabmann prevailed with 14:7 votes.

The new rules of procedure were then unanimously approved, as well as the appointment of the individual committees according to the sainte-lague/schepers procedure. The members of the advisory finance committee, the environment and traffic committee, the committee for social affairs, culture and sport (SBKS) and the deciding building committee can be read on the homepage of the municipality.

Under the agenda item "requests and inquiries as is so often the case at present, the topic of corona dominated: upon inquiry, mayor wagner explained that many masks, including those made by volunteers, are still available at the town hall. How to deal with rent payments from clubs in the corona crisis will be discussed at the next SBKS meeting. Claudia musig (grune-burgerstimme) made an appeal to all present to continue to comply with the hygiene inspections. She strongly condemned the behavior of a local councillor who had openly participated in a demonstration against the corona rules.


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