Westheimer couple also drives with the sun

Westheimer couple also drives with the sun

Like many car buyers, barbara and norbert jenkner from westheim are eagerly awaiting the first test drive in their dream car. After all, they have been waiting for it for a long time. It's not an ordinary car you're allowed to drive. It is a car that produces its own electricity and can also emit it. At the moment there are only two prototypes, which were not developed by engineers of the big car companies, but by three students from munich, who have been realizing the idea of a self-sufficient solar car in their living room and garage for the last three years: the "sion by "sono motors. The development of the existential foundation has been financed by 200.000 euros from crowdfunding.

The jenkner family also invested 500 euros in this fountain: "if we are not convinced by the serial product, we will get the money back."

The test drive takes place in nurnberg in an industrial area. The special thing about the car is immediately apparent: there are solar cells all around, a total of 7.5 square meters distributed over the hood. Collectors are protected by flexible polycarbonate. The solar panels recharge in the open air at any time and are said to provide up to 30 kilometers of additional range. The 80 kilowatt (kw) solar car has a range of 250 kilometers and is designed for city commuters and families. With a trailer coupling for a towing capacity of 750 kilograms, it is also possible to transport heavy loads. The trunk is quite coarse.

A remarkable idea is the air filter made of moss, which also looks decorative. The two prototypes that are now ready for test drives are to be turned into production models in two years' time. 30 cars will be produced in the pilot series in two years' time.

Investment with risk

Twelve of these will be selected by the tuv for the crash test. Private investors will also be relied on for the further course of action. Interested parties can now participate financially and buy a "sion" reserve and order. At least one million euros is to be collected in this way. It must not be concealed that this type of investment is fraught with risk.

Barbara jenkner is particularly fascinated by the new concept: "the main thing here is not to develop a new electric car. The most important thing is the overall concept: the car as a decentralized power generator, with which I can also supply power at peak loads, serve as a starting aid for electric cars or use electricity from the car when camping." In addition, there are special jacks, which norbert jenkner describes as a technical unique selling point of the "sion" sees. The car is designed above all according to functional aspects: it uses parts from the supplier industry whose patent protection has expired. So it can happen that levers and switches look very familiar to you. So there is also air conditioning and electric windows, no mechanical tumbler lock, because these are already standard parts of the car industry.

The idea behind "sion is indeed fascinating and innovative. It is about a new concept of mobility. The focus is not on the individual and his car, but on the movement of the community as a whole. Car sharing, power sharing, ridesharing are the concepts that make up intelligent mobility and which are being developed by sono motors and are supported.

The jenkner couple will be responsible for the development of the "sion" and to continue to observe electromobility on the ground in the district and is eagerly awaiting the next test drive in the series model.


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