Wild winter in the us northeast: icy cold and “bomb cyclone”

wild winter in the us northeast: icy cold and

The eastern seaboard of the u.S. Offers an unusual picture on the first days of the new year. All up the coast there is a strip of snow and storm, and it brings with it plenty of problems and records.

In florida, snow fell on palm trees, in south carolina, fountains froze over – 13 u.S. States were under a so-called winter warning. But it was the northeast that was to be hit the hardest.

"Bomb cyclone" – for days now, the US media have been talking alarmingly about a severe storm that will hit new england in particular. The phenomenon of a "bombogenesis" describes the rapid strengthening of a low, according to the u.S. Weather agency NOAA this is due to the collision of very cold with warm air masses. For the following discharge, some meteorologists chose the image of a bomb.

Cold and abundant snow are not unusual for the northeast of the USA, more than 30 centimeters are now expected, locally twice that amount. The problem is more likely to be the wind.

The storm itself was expected to be one of the strongest non-hurricanes so far this off-season, completely over water, but sending icy winds and gusts into the country on thursday and friday. In addition, there was the danger of blizzards, meteorologists warned. "Everything lying around in these temperatures will be blown through the neighborhood," city officials feared. Storm tide warnings were issued for some sections of the coast.

Up to 3000 flights were canceled on thursday, according to the website flightaware, at new york airport la guardia it was over 90 percent of all flights. Classes in new york city schools canceled. The same was true for the capital washington DC, although only snow flakes covered the streets there. For new york city, however, up to 20 centimeters of new snow was predicted.

From connecticut and other parts of new england there were reports of hamster shopping. Television pictures showed completely empty bread and water shelves. A whole series of governors and local leaders declared a state of emergency. Road traffic came to a standstill in many places. In the state of new jersey, more grit has already been used than in the entire previous winter.

The snowstorm is immediately followed by days of icy, arctic cold. On the ABC channel, meteorologists for new england spoke of a "wind chill", i.E. Temperatures felt, of minus 40 degrees celsius. Temperatures are expected to drop to minus 17 degrees in washington or new york.

Power outages could become a problem when storms and ice damage overhead power lines. In addition, according to a report in the "new york times," the severe frost that has been persisting in many places for several days is pushing power plants and electricity providers to their capacity limits. Many suppliers had already switched to firing with coal or oil due to the threat of a shortage of natural gas.

In many houses and apartments on the east coast, the heaters are running at full blast – for many consumers, this will be an expensive winter. Plus problems with burst water mains due to the cold, dozens of which have been reported in maryland and virginia alone. Temperatures are not expected to rise slowly until early next week.


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