Wohrl is in coburg not yet completely in the plan

Wohrl is in coburg not yet completely in the plan

Robert rosch is a friend of clear and open words. This is emphasized again and again by the CEO of the fashion company wohrl during the conversation. "Ask, ask", he encourages the media representatives. He would be happy to tell them how they feel at the ketschengasse location in coburg, which opened six months ago. But, yes, of course, when asked, he also comments on rumors that have come to his attention in the meantime. "It's not true that we're already going to be leaving after just one year," says, robert rosch clarifies.

Ten-year contract
Apart from the fact that they hadn't invested that much in the former C&A property otherwise: "we have a ten-year contract with two options for extension." And he adds: "we are happy in coburg. Every time i drive here from nurnberg, i'm glad we made this location."

The friend of clear and open words, however, does not hide the fact that the plan that was set in the first six months "did not quite work out" could be achieved. Immediately after the opening, things were "extraordinarily good" run. But there was a "dip" in november. Perhaps, robert rosch speculates, this was due to the clearance sale at baur-kauelt, which meant that many customers preferred to quickly stock up on textiles in burgkunstadt instead of coburg. When asked, rosch admits that the number of employees at the coburg site has been "optimized a little" had to be.

"Regrettable correction"
"This small correction was regrettable, but economically necessary", emphasizes rosch. In figures: when it opened, the wohrl store in coburg had around 50 employees – currently there are six less.

Rosch does not want to exclude that the number will increase again. The plan set for the first twelve months is still "achievable". The fact that the clothing industry as a whole is not having an easy time of it is also clear to the wohrl board of management. "Ten percent of textile sales are already made online", says rosch, who sees the internet as a "latent danger for stationary retail" sees. It is not yet clear whether wohrl will be taking a two-pronged approach in the medium term and also enter the online trade. Rosch thinks it likely that the wohrl family first wanted to gain experience with sinn leffers. The sinn leffers fashion chain, which was recently taken over by the wohrl family, already has a wide range of products on the internet.


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