Women’s breakfast in Weingarts, Pinzberg, Dobenreuth and Leutenbach

Women's breakfast in weingarts, pinzberg, dobenreuth and leutenbach

There was a light smell of fresh bread and coffee at the women’s breakfast in the sports center in weingarts. 95 visitors came to enjoy a breakfast and have a good time.

The catholic country folk (KLV) had invited; in weingarts christine beutner had organized the event with her team. "There is a fruit feast four times a year. One will take place in pinzberg, one in dobenreuth, one in leutenbach and one in weingarts", pays christine beutner on.

In addition, speakers are invited for a lecture. At this breakfast, district administrator hermann ulm (CSU) spoke about life in the district of forchheim.

Helga deinhardt, pastoral advisor, is responsible for the KLV’s women’s breakfast: "this has been available since may 2013. The topics of the lectures can be religious, health or political." She is supported by local women.

The team meets once a year to plan the event. The program is then published in the newsletter, the heinrichsblatt or the parish newsletter.

One helper is the senior citizens’ representative from weingarts, vroni kaul. It’s important to her that the rural area doesn’t go under and that people, especially seniors, have an interesting offering. "Besides, you stay fit longer if you’re committed," says the 82-year-old, says the 82-year-old. She is also a member of the horticultural club that designed the table decoration.

Guests such as erika polster enjoy it. She retired last year and is at the women’s breakfast for the second time. She says: "these are nice people and the atmosphere is also particularly good." She is happy about the good breakfast and the nice conversation.

Marianne lother is also impressed. She was born in kunreuth and lives in pretzfeld. She said: "I can meet my friends and people from the past."


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