Worries about the heart of the city

We received a reader's letter about the herzogenaurach castle and a report about it in the FT and the discussions on the subject: "the view of the castle is free again" – i am thrilled how this article releases emotions and opinions in the FT. On the one hand, it is right that something must be done when there is a shortage of space. On the other hand, there is always the statement that the town hall belongs in the center, because it acts as a crowd puller.

As has been written so often in various forums, it is essential to locate the registry office, burgerburo and bookstore centrally. A civil engineering office, a main office, etc. – no one needs them in the city center. And like all large companies, this should also be the main goal of the authorities. Online will be the future. Why then should municipal specialist or main departments spread out in the center of town??

Regarding the statement that 200 administrative employees and many visitors are a rough potential for the city center: can it then also be guaranteed that they really do their business in the city?? What is not mentioned: well over 1000 employees of the sporting goods companies are from the "inner city" moved to the outskirts of herzogenaurach. And I guess they won't come to the city center to buy a sandwich or anything like that.

What our city lacks is a variety of stores, restaurants, meeting space (park), etc. For someone new to herzogenaurach, nothing is worse than this prevailing monotony. Herzogenaurach cannot be revitalized by the town hall in the city center. It needs synergies, the amtsgange (registrar's office, etc.).) with subsequent festivities (photo shoots, wedding banquet etc).) connects.

I have been living "at the heart" for a good 70 years now of this town. When I think back, I have to admit that it used to be more pleasant, more cozy – just worth living in. Everything was there that was needed. Grocery stores, milk/cheese, butcher shops, drugstores, toys, haberdashery, etc. And that is exactly what is missing in herzogenaurach in the meantime.

Of course, in this time of digitalization and stricter regulations, the "good old days" are gone dead – over and done with. But we don't need any palaces or monuments that don't fit in with our cityscape. To change it totally.

Herzogenaurach is a small town with many historic attractions. And this is how the visitor knows this little town. 

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